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🏕3 Weeks Left: K’s Camping Time in Australia

What were you grateful for this week? I was able to spend thanksgiving with my sister in Australia! 

What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Being away from home for the holidays.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. We went on a camping trip to Bribie Island and I helped entertain the kids that came on the trip, I knew it wasn’t my job but I always have so much fun with them!

Tell us about your week!  My week was awesome! I went on holiday to Bribie Island with my host family, we set up camp on the beach and lived in paradise for 3 days! No cell reception, no problem. My favorite part of getting to Bribie was the drive on the beach. The view were spectacular, you just watched the tide rise as you drive down the sand. I only saw 4 gigantic spiders on this trip, I heard that’s a small number for being in the bush! 

Speaking of spiders, my absolute worst nightmare happened the other night. I got home after having dinner with some friends and I go in my bathroom... open my toilet... and BOOM a giant spider waiting for me to sit down!!! I was deceased. Enough of that though. 

This last week was Thanksgiving back in the USA!! 100% didn’t feel like it because it 90+ degrees with humidity from hell. It was a little difficult being so far away from home for something I’ve celebrate with my loved ones for 19 years but I was lucky enough to have my stepsister with me in Australia who spent the day with me roaming the city just admiring hope thankful we were to be here, and how lucky we were to have the support system that we do!!! Only three weeks left in paradise! 

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