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🎄T’s Unforgettable Weekend in Greece

What were you grateful for this week? Greeks. What was the most difficult or challenging part of this week? Traveling alone for so long on a boring bus. Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. Made guacamole. Tell us about your week! This week was all I could have dreamed of and more. Starting in my home town I shopped probably far too much. I got some Christmas presents for my family and for myself. Seeing all the cool and different Italian shops was eye opening. And everything being made in Italy was such a huge plus for me. I made some subpar guac for my host family, and they seemed to love it! Genuine Mexican guacamole for their dinner made them happy which made me happy, even if I did mess up the recipe a bit. The weekend came and went too fast. M2 and I went to Greece! We tried living our best Mamma Mia life. And let me tell you we did. Not once in the entire trip was I not happy. Greece was really life changing: the nicest people in the world I kid you not, along with the best food. And everyone spoke English! I know I’ve only been on two trips, but this one is definitely my favorite and I feel as though it will be hard to top. Our last night we went to a Greek restaurant and witnessed genuine Greek singers and to our surprise some of the people eating dinner their started dancing! And singing along! Mamma Mia irl definitely. Have you ever had a feeling of such overwhelming gratitude and happiness? Because that’s what I felt, and I started tearing up from happiness in this little Greek restaurant. Long story short, I’m definitely coming back to Greece in my life.  

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