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💁🏽‍♀️ K’s First Week in Italy

What were you grateful for this week? I have been very grateful for my host family this week. As soon as I arrived in Italy, they made me feel right at home and made adjusting to being in a new country so much easier.

What was the most challenging part of this week? The most challenging part of my week was learning how to communicate with the family and learning how to get around Italy.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I've worked really hard this past week to be better at communication and overcoming the language barrier with my hast family. In just the one week I've been here I can tell we understand each other much better.

Tell us about your week!  I just got to Italy this past Monday. My host family has been so great and has made me feel welcome since the moment I got here. They took me to a restaurant right after they picked me up at the airport and I got to try my first Italian pizza. So. Good. I checked out the town I will be living in and had my first (and second and third) gelato. I am in a very small town called Canale. It is only about six blocks long and 4 wide, but it has THREE gelato shops! I will probably be eating it almost every day. Canale is so cute and exactly how you would picture Italy to be. 

During the week I was able to go out and see surrounding cities like Alba and Turin. My host parents were really great with helping me figure out how to use the buses and trains. This weekend I took a train to meet up with some of the other girls in the program and we all stayed in Milan. We visited the Duomo, the cathedral, the Sforza Castle, and did some shopping (because you have to shop when you’re in the fashion capital of the world 😏). The food here has been AMAZING. So far the tortellini and the pizza here have been my favorite. 

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