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💗 M2’s Trip to Pisa

What were you grateful for this week? This week I was grateful for sunshine! The weather was nice and warm in Rome and it was so great! 

What was the most challenging part of this week?  The hardest part of this week was me learning to hard way to make sure I book the right train. I realized the night before I booked the wrong dates and had to pay a lot more to change the dates which sucked!

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. A wow moment I had doing something nice for my family was spending extra time with the kids while my host mom was out of town for a couple days and helped with the youngest who was sick!

Tell us about your week!  This week I got out and explored some places in Rome I hadn’t been yet. I also met up with the other girls and we got some pizza and gelato. The weather was so nice and it was awesome to just be outside and wander around in the sunshine. All the locals are stills dressed in multiple jackets and coats and scarves. I was out in a T-shirt and jacket and even got warm enough to take off the jacket since it’s felt nice to me but I guess being from Utah will do that to ya haha.

Over the weekend I took a train to Milan to meet up with some other girls. I booked my train for the wrong dates and ended up paying a lot more than I needed ugh😩 

Milan was cool though we saw the cathedral did some shopping and ate some delicious pizza. Then on Sunday, A and I took a 5 hour train ride early in the morning (too early and too long haha) to Pisa. It was totally worth it to see the famous leaning tower in person! It’s a little town so we just walked around and explored for a little while. It was surprising to me how much the tower actually leans! I loved watching all the tourist take the typical tourist pictures with the tower it was pretty funny. We took some too cause you can’t go to Pisa and now but you gotta do it if you’re there haha.  

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