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☀️Learning & Growing Despite Homesickness: T’s Week

What were you grateful for this week? This week I was grateful for my host mom. She went above and beyond to help me feel right at home, especially with my homesickness. 

What was the most challenging part of this week? The most challenging part of this week was definitely the constant memories in my head of my home in America. 

Homesickness hit me very hard this week but it has been getting a little easier everyday.  

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  A wow moment this week for me helping my host family was watching the kids when I didn't need to so that the mom could study for her PhD! Go host mom you GOT THIS!!

Tell us about your week!  Okay this week was a major challenge. It feels like I have been here for at least two months already but it has only been two weeks. The homesickness took over my body this week, which made it hard to enjoy doing things that should have made me happy. I am very grateful for my host family though, they made sure I was always with them so I that I wouldn't have any time to be sad or depressed that I have been away from home. 

We went to singing class for the kids, english class, the mall, and several other outings. Today, they took me to a very nice restaurant that had several yummy foods, and several different courses. I have met several new people this week, neighbors, friends of host family, and people on the streets. I absolutely love how friendly this environment is. 

This week I got out everyday. I got to realize how much I enjoy walking. Walking in the sunshine, there is no way you can't have a smile on your face. This week on one of my daily walks, I walked the short way to the beach and spent a few hours in the very warm sun listening to music. By far the highlight of my week! 

I don't remember if I said anything about visiting the Rome temple open house last weekend, but I'll briefly say HOW AMAZING THAT WAS! Being able to go with my newest found great friends made it extra special as well.

This week the homesickness was very hard, but like I said, it is impossible to be depressed with such an amazing host family. I am so excited to continue this new adventure in my life and excited to learn more about this amazing culture! 

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