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👯‍♀️👯‍♀️T’s Weekend in Naples & Pompeii

What were you grateful for this week? FRIENDS. 

What was the most challenging part of this week? Getting the little girl to brush her teeth. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. This week I have been responsible in giving the baby his medications without the mother having to remind me.

Tell us about your week!  This week was a great week! I did my daily walks to the beach, except for one day when it was raining. My highlight from this week was when my host mom got us a private tour through one of the famous known theaters here in my city. (She's got connections). It is only open to the public on weekends, but because I am traveling on weekends, she was able to get the priest of the cathedral to have some people open the theatre during the week and give us a private tour! It was absolutely breathtaking! All the interior detail and furniture was amazing! The stage is very big and they told us that the back drop can actually open and reveal the outdoors if it is needed for a specific performance. We got to go all through the theatre and there were three people leading my host mom and I on this tour. They were all speaking in Italian but I have learned to pick up little bits and pieces! If I didn't understand something, I just asked my host mom. We got to go way up to the top, were public doesn't get to see. That was a very neat experience! 

This weekend I was able to travel the unnecessarily long train ride to Naples to spend the weekend with some other girls from the program! I ended up missing my connecting train (not the first time this has happened) and had to buy another ticket. But now I just laugh about it even though It wasn't cheap. My friends made it worth the extra money! We spent Saturday in Naples: shopping, singing, eating pizza, gelato, and just having a great time with everyone! It was so fun to spend a night in the hotel with these girls! 

This weekend it was funny because my eye started hurting late saturday night. We all thought I had just gotten something in it and it was irritated from me rubbing it all night, but when I woke up the next day it was very swollen. We laughed about it and I wore sunglasses all day. But the weather was BEAUTIFUL! We went to Pompeii, running to our train, (because we have a hard time being ON TIME) but we made it and had a blast walking through the city and learning about what it was once like. I am very grateful for my cute friends and all the fun we had this weekend! 

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