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⛰G’s Gratitude in the Mountains

What were you grateful for this week? Making new friends. 

What was the most challenging part of this week? Waking up on time for school...

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. On Sunday night both my host parents were feeding the kids so I decided to get all the dishes done in the kitchen.

Tell us about your week! This week I had a really hard time waking up each morning. I would even go to bed early and still be tired. I decided to go to a vitamin store that is a block away to get some B12 and such. I think they’re working because I have more energy and don't want to nap all the time lol. 

This week Lorena left to go back home to the Philippines for 3 weeks. I already miss her! She is so helpful with the kids and always makes me laugh. Since she is gone Oksana is now cooking and my host parents have hired someone to help with cleaning. Watching how many people are helping in this household has really opened my eyes to how much work my mom did! I was thinking about how she was the only one doing the laundry of 4 kids, cooking for all of us, cleaning and giving us still so much love and attention. (Dad if you're reading this, I know you helped a lot too but you also were the one working to support us and I'm thankful for that.) Being far away from home is really putting everything into perspective for me.

This weekend we went to the mountain house. On Saturday after spending my time with [my host family’s son] in the morning I went for a walk by the river and put my feet in. It's so peaceful out there. It was our last weekend there until summer. I am excited to do more traveling.  

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