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⛷G’s Breathtaking Weekend

What were you grateful for this week? good friends!

What was the most challenging part of this week?  Getting sunburnt:( Tell us about your week! This week I got the amazing opportunity to go to St. Moritz, Switzerland. My friend was competing in a ski competition. On Tuesday morning I took the train from Milan Central to Tirano then St. Moritz. It was the most beautiful train ride, it really made me more motivated to plan weekend trips. When I arrived in St. Moritz it was so exciting to see my friend, I hadn't seen him in 2 months so it made me so happy to reunite with one another. The food at our hotel was some of the best food I've ever had. Every morning we would have lattes, croissants, omelettes and orange juice. I already miss it! 

Everyday I went snowboarding with my friend’s dad and stepmom while he trained. The weather the whole week was phenomenal, not a cloud in the sky. After skiing for a couple hours we would grab a beer and some lunch. At the end of the day we would ski down to the car. Once we got back to the hotel we would take a nap and then head to the coolest swimming pool I've ever been in. It was they giant outdoor heated pool with bubble seats on the edge overlooking the Swiss Alps. We would then head to dinner in our hotel which consisted of the most beautiful buffet. I ate so much food this past week it's not even funny.

My friend ended up getting second place in the competition which was so awesome. I was so grateful that I was able to get a week off of work so I could go have this awesome experience with my Utah friends in a breathtaking place!

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