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🇨🇳Living Life to the Fullest: R’s Week in China

What were you grateful for this week? Life. 

What was the most challenging part of this week? Mosquito bites. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I make personal board games for my host kid, and she's been able to learn english and math relatively fast because of it! 

Tell us about your week! 

Yo MTV, Welcome to my Crib

Hey guys, it's ya girl R with the 411 and guess what? I officially have been living in China for a month and two weeks now and it has been utterly amazing. In the past 42 days, I have been able to find out more about who I want to be and what I actually want from life. Which is so nice! I can't believe that all it took was just moving to China, giving up Netflix and never being able to eat godly satisfying mac and cheese ever again!! Honestly SO EASY!!! As I have mentioned in previous posts, this year I am striving to be my best self. I have been sticking to the resolutions I have made and have been actively pushing to be a better me. Ever since I landed in China, I have been using every bit of my time for something worthwhile. In the six weeks I have been here besides just exploring my nearby surroundings and mastering the metro, I have also joined an international women's group, hiked four mountains, went to Hong Kong Disney, learned how to make dumplings and traditional tea, officially participated in KTV (party karaoke), rode rando rollercoasters with strangers, explored an island, attended and spoke at a Toastmasters conference, traveled to Hunan, visited Yueyang Tower, spent a weekend in a small rural village and most importantly made friends and learned Chinese along the way! I literally have been so busy and I am so proud that I am.  


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