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Making the Most of Italy: A’s Week

What were you grateful for this week? Having the kids start to get used to and welcome me. 

What was the most challenging part of this week? Finding a balance between utilizing my time in Italy while also taking care of myself and know when to have a break. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. This was a rough week with the kids and a lot of fighting, during the peak of fights I helped my host mom by cleaning up after dinner when I could tell she was tired. 

Tell us about your week!  This week seemed to go by so fast! I’ve made my own plan that I experience all Rome has to offer during the week and spend weekends traveling else where. On Monday I was traveling back from my weekend in London and early flights to make it in time to get the kids from school. 

By Tuesday I was up and back walking and traveling, I found some vintage stores in the city I checked out and landed upon a cute corner restaurant with the friendliest staff! As I walked away I realized the name was called “Big Bens” which made me laugh since I just got back and fell in love with the city of London. I ended up walking aimlessly and came to the Trevi Fountain again, so I used that opportunity to make another wish! 

On Thursday I found a free museum tucked away and it was beautiful! I had the whole place to myself and it was Fashion donated from royalty or socialites in rome from years ago! Friday was my tourist day and I got to see the Pantheon, hung out in Piazza Navona, and found my way into some beautiful churches! 

Saturday was a long day! I woke up at 3am to catch a train to Milan for the day, this was my first time using public transportation in Italy and it was a success! I met up with a fellow Rome Abroad traveler and we spent the day in and out of stores and visited a castle! It was great to meet new people and visit more of Italy!  

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