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🌳Enjoying Milan’s Parks: J’s Week

What were you grateful for this week? Springtime weather. 

What was the most challenging part of this week? Adjusting to a change in schedule. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I stayed extra time to pick up groceries. 

Tell us about your week!  I had a nice calm week now that my university classes have finished up. I am still attending my Italian school. At my Italian school people change so fast there are always different people in the class. Some people from previous classes of mine have come back, but they are in different classes now since they are picking up at a different point.

This week I went and checked out a few of the parks around the city. The first one that I went to was farther from the city center and quite large. It was a calm place and it wasn't very crowded. I was able to look in all directions without seeing anyone in several places. The park had a stream running through it, which is nice since Milan itself doesn't have any major rivers that run through, just canals. I followed the stream to a neighborhood and then caught the metro back home.

The second park I visited was even farther from the center, near the stadium. It wasn't as beautiful as the other park, but it was quite large - a good place for sports. I arrived on one metro line, walked across the park, and headed back on another metro line. It was a cloudy day, but the sun peeked out an hour or so before setting. 

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