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🛬R’s Weekend in Vienna

What was the most challenging part of this week? Traveling and layovers. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I always make sure I am helping in any way I can! This week I cleaned the kitchen so the family could enjoy time together.

Tell us about your week!  This week I had the opportunity to travel to another country with my best friend! We went to Vienna, Austria together and it was our first time connecting since we have been abroad! It was so nice to see a familiar face! We got to explore amazing museums and walk around a butterfly museum next to a lovely park filled with historic statues and beautiful buildings! It was very nice weather the first day luckily so we got to really explore. It is so crazy to be in yet again a whole other world it feels like, but so rewarding to look around and really soak in the experiences. 

I loved Vienna and I am loving Milan more everyday coming home to my host family felt like coming home to my own family I missed them! But I can’t wait to explore more places and see new countries I am so happy to have the opportunity to be apart of this program! Although traveling was a little stressful with delayed flights and raining weather/cold weather the last day I wouldn’t take these experiences back for anything in the world! 

I feel like I am learning and growing more everyday as cheesy as it sounds, but I have learned so many valuable things already this early in my journey!  

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