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A4’s First Week in Rome!

What were you grateful for this week? Google maps. 

What was the most challenging part of this week? Jet lag. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I helped with dinner!

Tell us about your week!  Today was my first day in Rome! My family lives pretty close to the Trevi Fountain so I walked there and spent the day wandering. I absolutely love all of the buildings and they are all so much bigger in person!

My family has done a good job getting me used to my surroundings and I had homemade lasagna and it was honestly the best lasagna I have ever had! I got some pizza and a Fanta for lunch (very grateful for carbonation that isn’t in water this week as well) and also some mango gelato 😍. 

When I arrived back at my house me and the little girl I am with played some monopoly. We then made some origami figures. She is very artsy and loved drawing on the turtle Origami that we made. It’s so much fun because even though i am teaching her new game and sometimes new English words, she is really teaching me so much as well. I showed her pictures of my family and she was in shock when I told her that I was the oldest sibling and the shortest haha.

I am very excited to see how the rest of my time here goes and I am so glad that I decided to come out here. I am also very grateful for International data. I would be completely lost without it.  

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