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J’s First Week: Welcomed by Host Fam & the Queen’s Bday! 🎉

What were you grateful for this week? This week I am grateful for having a great host family.

What was the most challenging part of this week? Probably being away from home, when I first got here.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I was able to show them a couple of Spanish words and getting to know them as a family. Being able to spend time with the kids, buying them ice cream and hanging at the park with them even if it’s a little difficult to understand Italian, I figure it out.

Tell us about your week!  This week has been challenging for me, being far away from everyone I don’t know why since I’ve been away from home, but I think because I was super nervous to be somewhere completely different than back at home. Not knowing what will happen when being here but luckily my host family has been amazing and has made me feel welcomed. The kids and the host parents are so nice to me and I don’t regret coming to Italy. 

For my first weekend here I actually went to London with my good friend from home, B, who is also part of Rome Abroad. It felt good to see a familiar face from home I was able to talk to her and catch up on a lot of things. Especially letting me know how it went for her on her first week in Italy and of course it’s always different and weird when being far away from home but in the end this is something we will never regret, all I know is that this summer will be an experience of a lifetime. 

In London without knowing anything we got to see the queen and the royal family for queen Elizabeth’s birthday celebration. It was amazing, this one is definitely one for the books, unexpected plans are always the best ones.  

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