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🧞‍♂️B Fan Girls Hard in Disneyland Paris

What were you grateful for this week? Rome Abroad friends!

What was the most challenging part of this week? Being able to maintain calm when things go wrong. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. My host brother and I went around exploring the different parks in the area!

Tell us about your week!

This week my host brother and I spent the long hot evenings in the park having fun. We ended most of our days by watching Disney movies which we both completely love.

Towards the end of the week, I spent the night in the airport in order to catch an early flight to Paris. Although spending the night in the airport was mentally and physically draining it was completely worth it. I arrived in Paris early in the morning on Friday and spent my evening exploring the different sites. It felt pretty bad ass feeling so confident while traveling alone. I eventually made my way to a park where I sat down and read my book while I enjoyed a beautiful view of the Eiffel tower. After reading a couple chapters I decided to head to the hotel where I met up with another Rome Abroad Traveler, J. 

J and I spent the rest of the evening exploring Paris together and having mini photo shoots at the different sites. For dinner, we met up with one of my friends who had studied abroad in high school in the U.S for a year and lived in Paris. While at dinner I was able to try snails and frog legs! I was incredibly excited to try it and it ended up being absolutely delicious! We ended our night by visiting the Eiffel tower to see it twinkle. 

The next day J and I met up with N, another Rome Abroad Traveler and made our way to Disneyland Paris. N and I had taken a trip earlier this month to Vienna where we discovered we were both huge Disney freaks and there in Vienna she spontaneously boughta ticket to Paris so she could tag along to Disneyland with us. Our day was filled with nothing but smiles, laughs, and lots of magic. We ended our night at Disneyland by seeing the fireworks.  Throughout the entire show I was freaking out and literally crying because of how beautiful it was. The three of us sang along to every single lyric to every single song that was played. After the firework show, everyone exited the park; we stayed behind until it was just the three of us and security left. We were able to have one last photo shoot in front the an empty beautiful castle. 

The stress and exhaustion of traveling was definitely worth the trip. I had one of the best days of my life in Disneyland and I am really glad I was able to experience it with J and N. While I was with them I felt like I could be myself and completely fan girl without being judged. The fact that they love Disney as much as me was definitely very comforting and made the trip a lot more fun.  

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