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💓S2’s Weekend in Rome

What were you grateful for this week? Amazing opportunities. 

What was the most challenging part of this week? Lol putting my host girl to bed. 

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I bought my host family cornettos after dinner one night!

Tell us about your week!  I’ve been here since May, and I’ve finally made my way out to Rome! I really really loved it — everywhere I’ve been in Italy is different and in Rome to turn a corner and wow, there’s a 1000 year old ruin look at that. I love that about this city! I mostly was out during the day but Rome at night just has a different feel to it as well and it was amazing I loved it. 

Another Rome Abroad Traveler and I met up to go to Rome, and we planned nothing in advance. We were basically planning on waiting in lines the whole time there. I got there a little bit earlier so I headed out to the Rome temple! It was sooo beautiful and I’m really glad I got to go! 

After that I met the other Traveler at the colosseum and guess what? Apparently it was free on Saturday! After I found out it was free I was expecting a very long line to get in but it was actually only about 5 minutes. We were SO lucky this weekend with free entry to things. After the colosseum, Palestine hills and the Roman forum were also free so we went there! 

After that we headed to the Spanish steps, stopped at the cutest restaurant for dinner, headed over to the Trevi fountain, and then the Pantheon! This was all in one day! The next day we got up early to see the Vatican, which was also free and we were expecting an extremely long line. We went to St. Peter’s basilica and waited about an hour and a half to get into the Vatican museum and Sistine chapel. After that we went to Borghese gardens, wandered around for a bit, and I went to Trevi fountain and the Pantheon again at night because Rome at night is just a whole different city.  

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