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😎 R Moves to Rimini for the Summer

What were you grateful for this week? Grateful to be at the beautiful beach! And that my sunburns are finally healing! Haha.

What was the most challenging part of this week? Getting used to beach living was a struggle for me, but now that we've been here for a week, I'm feeling more confident and relaxed.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  I worked Saturday and Sunday. :)

Tell us about your week!  Last Tuesday, we moved to Rimini! We live in a residence literally across the street from the beach. We spend all day on the beach, playing games and sports and swimming and doing homework and reading and playing some more, only coming home for dinner. 

At night in Rimini, they make the streets pedestrian-only, so you can stroll along and look at all of the shops. It's lovely. I got super sunburnt the first day and have been much more careful with sunscreen and swim covers since then. They are finally starting to heal though, and who knows, I might get a bit of a tan! Today, I was lying on the beach, feeling the sand in between my fingers and reading, and it was so peaceful. I felt so grateful for that moment! 

I love hanging out with the 9-year-old. She is so fun to talk to and understands English enough to make and get jokes, so it's been a blessing to laugh with her! She also helps me translate/compare Italian culture to American. There were a few days where I just felt like a terrible au pair and that it would be better for the family if I went home, but through prayer and friends and pushing through, I have felt more confident and that confidence has helped me to do a better job for the family. 

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