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Updated: Sep 16, 2019

What were you grateful for this week? GPS. What was the most challenging part of this week? Getting over that final bit of jetlag. Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I cleaned the house up while my family went out for a drive the other day. Tell us about your week! This week was nice. We said goodbye to the previous nanny which was a little bit hard on the kids but they are getting used to the fact that it’s me here now. I helped the little boy with his LEGO set from the new spider man movie and it was really fun to bond with him over our love for marvel and the heros. They kids are so sweet and we had a lot of fun watching Dumbo on Friday night.

Saturday we had a birthday party with my host mom’s step son and we went to the park and it was so fun. Then Sunday we went out for my host mom’s nephew’s birthday to this really yummy burger spot. I also met a new friend on Sunday. Her name is Kate and she’s from New Zealand. We walk along this harbor and it was so beautiful. It’s funny because it’s still their winter here and you can see others wearing jackets but I’ve been wearing shorts. We also went to McDonald’s and I got a burger. The sizes here are different from home so it’ll take a little adjusting to but it’s nice. Everyone here is so friendly and always has questions for me about home.

My host mom’s family is really funny and I made friends with her niece too who is really cool and funny. I learned this week that the family here is so welcoming and very friendly. I’ve had some moments where I missed home and my family but my host mom has been amazing at making me feel right at home! (First picture is which Abbie the previous nanny who showed me around.)

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