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J3’s First Week in Italia!

What were you grateful for this week? Being able to cook a Mexican meal for the family and learn about Italy during dinner. What was the most challenging part of this week? Sometimes the kids want to be on their tablets or on the tv all day and it’s hard to engage them even when I have activities planned. Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. Cooked a meal for them. Tell us about your week! I arrived on Monday and went bowling with the family, went to the lake and then to Florence on the weekend. I’ve made piñatas with the kids, played red light green light, made a meal for the family, played charades and sang songs with the kids. They are now starting to say some words in English whereas in the beginning, it was super limited. The funniest part is they’re learning some slang, like “hangry” and “pinky promise.” We drove to Assisi on Monday and now we’re at the beach! It’s been great!! Beaches here are so different from beaches that I’m used to in California and Mexico but it’s been fun to see the differences and eat yummy Italian food. There is so much history here at Gabicce Mare. I also had the opportunity to visit many churches with the family and it has brought me closer to my catholic faith. I’ve met family members who are also in education and I’ve learned about differences/similarities. For example, kids here don’t go back to school until September whereas in the states we go back in August. With the children’s grandmother, who was a previous English teacher, I’ve been able to talk about history and the family.

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