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P’s Last Full Week in Italia

What were you grateful for this week? Bug spray!

What was the most challenging part of this week? can’t think of anything! It was a good week!

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week.  Not me but my mom sent my host family a package from home with lots of American candy and some AZ cactus decorations! 

Tell us about your week! This week was nice! We were busy spending lots of time with the neighbors because it was J’s last week. We went to the pool and had some dance parties. The italian boys challenged us Americans to a game of tennis, they thought we were gonna lose but we won and me and J were super happy haha. The boys were sad but they got over it lol. 

My host mom took me shopping a couple times this week, showing me her favorite stores and it was so fun! I got some cute stuff. For J’s last night we all got together and ate pizza and it was such a fun night. Took some group photos!! I’m glad I got to meet J — we had lots of fun together this summer. And being able to do stuff with the kids frequently was super nice. Made everything a little more fun :) my host family took me to sushi for the 3rd time this summer, and I’m loving it!! I was hesitant at first but I love sushi! Never thought that’s what I would be eating here but I’m not complaining!

I found this biggest spider I’ve ever seen in the laundry room on Friday and I was freaking out. Perks of living in the basement. 

Saturday I met up with A4 in Turin! Such a quiet city, compared to Rome. We went to the Egyptian museum, the cinema museum and walked around! The museums were awesome and so worth seeing. And the gelato there was sooo good! It was a good week! 7 weeks in Italy down! This is my last full week here and I’m gettin sad!  

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