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🍦H’s Week in Southern Italy

What were you grateful for this week? Our neighbors made panzerotti What was the most challenging part of this week? Just not being able to travel around. Like it is such a small town and no one speaks English and it’s far away from even a bus station. And we are going to be here for a full month. Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I cleaned the kitchen so the grandma wouldn’t have to. Tell us about your week! So this past week so hot hot hot. Everyone was pretty cranky. I met a neighbor who spoke some English and invited me out with his friends. That was a much needed break and it was nice talking with people around my age. There was a men’s beauty pageant in the middle of the street one night so that was fun to see. Our other neighbors made panzerotti and I’m obsessed with that stuff it’s so good! We pretty much just go to the beach every day because it’s so hot. I literally wake up sweating. One of the simple joys is the grandpa that’s living with my host family and I love 80s classic American rock n roll so we bond over that. One thing I will never get used to is eating so late! After a long day I’m so tired, but’s it’s a small price to pay for a homemade Italian food. I also love how much fresh things Italians eat. Like they don’t have freezer food. It’s all fresh. I have devoted lunch times with the family, to try and speak only English which has been difficult but worth it. On my free days I went to the beach, watched the sunset and tried different deserts. It was very relaxing and sweet!

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