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G Makes More Friends in Milan

What were you grateful for this week? New friends.

What was the most challenging part of this week? Getting over being sick.

Tell us about a "wow" moment you had this week. I loaded all the breakfast dishes, started the dishwasher and emptied it before they arrived home so they would not have to worry about it.

Tell us about your week! This past week I was getting over being sick. It is finally starting to cool down in Milan and I think the cold air made me sick. I spent a lot of time sleeping trying to heal up. Since I wasn't feeling healthy I was sleeping in most days and laying low until I had to pick up my host kid from school. Most days I pick him up from post-school and then he plays in the garden with his friends. I usually spend that time reading a book or catching up with my mom on FaceTime. On other days throughout the week, I take him to basketball, English lessons or music school. We then either walk or take the tram home. Once we arrive back we eat dinner all together. My host mom has been so nice about my vegetarian needs and always makes me delicious vegetarian food for me and the family. It is very comforting that I am still able to have family dinner most nights since that was part of my routine back in Utah.

This weekend I made new friends! This one boy from my class invited me out to dinner which was full of good conversation and yummy Indian food. His boyfriend works at the hotel next to my building so we all got to meet for drinks after dinner. I am happy to be meeting new people and expanding my day to day experiences.

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