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How to Get Internship Credit Through Our Program

Updated: 6 days ago

1. Talk to your counselor. Your counselor will be able to help you determine which credits you still need to fill. They will also be familiar with your college or university’s requirements for internships.

2. Make a list of internship requirements. Most internships require a set amount of hours, some sort of evaluation or writing requirements, and work/experience on site. These requirements vary based on the college or university. You’ll need to have all the requirements written down so we can work together and get you credit!

3. Talk to Rome Abroad‘s Director to arrange the details.

Talk with the program director. You’ll work together to customize your program so that it works best for you.

4. Live your best life experiencing another culture! Plus travel on weekends.

Want to truly experience another country’s culture? You can live like a local, eat delicious food, see incredible sights, and learn more about yourself.

5. Get feedback and receive your college credit. You're saving tons of money! When you compare the cost of a study abroad with the cost of our program, you might be shocked. Our program cost varies by country (from $425 to $650). This includes your meals, your own private room, full support, guaranteed weekly pay, a network of friends, training, and more! It does not include your flight.

For example, here are some study abroad costs from main universities in the United States:

  • University of Utah Asia Campus - $16,000 per term

  • University of Texas at Austin - $14,000 per semester

  • University of California, LA - $23,000 + housing + living

  • University of Central Florida - $3,000 + tuition + flights + meals

Note: Evaluations are given upon completion of the program.

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