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Travel Plug Adapters and Converters
  • Adaptor: changes the plug shape
  • Converter: changes the plug shape and converts the actual volts as well 
  • America supplies electricity at about 110 volts AC
  • Most other countries usually supply electric power between 220 and 240 volts AC
  • So if you have an American appliance built for only 110 V, you'll need a CONVERTER
  • If your appliance can handle anything between 110 and 240 V, all you need is an ADAPTER
You can find converters and adapters linked on our shop page (or on Amazon, at Target, or other similar stores). 
How To Know What You Need
  • Check your appliance before you go
  • Common appliances (like phone chargers and laptop chargers) can do both
International Plan vs. SIM Card
  • Some plans have affordable international service
  • Usually, it's simpler and cheaper to get a SIM card for phone service abroad
How to Get a SIM Card
  1. Before you go, your phone needs to be unlocked
  2. Call or visit your cell phone provider before you go and see if your specific phone is unlocked
    • If it is, great!
    • If not, ask them to unlock it for you​
    • If you can't unlock your phone for some reason, you can buy an unlocked phone (around $40 for a basic one) or an inexpensive mobile phone that already has a SIM card (as little as $20) once you get there
  3. After you arrive, ask your host family where you can buy a SIM card (or some host families provide one)
    • ​SIM cards are sold all over the place (phone stores, newsstands, and even vending machines)
  4. Buy a SIM card
    • You'll probably need to show some form of ID (usually a copy of your passport will work fine)
    • In Europe:
      • Basic SIM cards ($5-10) usually include some prepaid calling credit with no contracts
      • SIM cards with data ($15-30)
    • In Australia: 
      • Basic SIM card​ ($2-$5 AUD)
      • Add data for ($30-$50 AUD)
    • In China: 
      • Basic SIM​
      • With data
  5. Have the clerk set it up and do a test call to make sure everything is working the way it should
  6. When you run out of credit, you can buy more at local newsstands, phone stores, and other businesses
  7. Save important contacts
    • When you do this, save them to your phone rather than the SIM card
    • Otherwise, you’ll lose access to them when you switch SIMs
    • Also, be sure to include the country code and the plus sign to make sure that your calls will go through
Be Where You Are - A Word About Phones
  • It’s great to have connection with your friends and family back home
  • It's just as important to “be where you are”
  • The main reason you're there is so that you can interact with the kids and help them 
  • Make it a goal to truly focus on the children when you're with them
  • Your host parents are the only people you should text/call while you're "on duty"
  • Leave your phone in your room (or in a bag when you're out) while you're "on duty"

European Adapter

European Converter

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able to handle 110-240V

China/Aus Adapter

China/Aus Converter

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