Travel. Explore. Enjoy. We help you do it all. 
Have you ever wanted to travel but haven't had the money?
Or maybe you have money but not enough time to see everything?
Well, we have too. 
So here's the situation:
Traveling the world is awesome.
You are awesome. 
And it would be awesome to actually be abroad —  not just to take a vacation but actually see all the places you want to see, eat all the foods you want to try, and interact with locals.
Don't worry, that's all possible. Just answer one simple question. 
If your answer is yes, we can help!
We at Rome Abroad are dedicated to letting you live your dreams of traveling to beautiful places and exploring the world. It's our mission to facilitate that discovery as much as possible. 
We find local families who want to have a cultural exchange as well as a desire to improve their children's English or a need for basic childcare. We ensure that these families are safe, the environment is pleasant, and that personalities are matched up in the best way possible.
Then we help adventure-seeking Americans (and Canadians and Europeans too!) travel to spend 2 to 3 months or more living their life to the fullest in the Italy, Spain, Australia, or China with local families.
Why not live abroad for a few weeks? Whether you're a working professional 
looking for an adventure or a college student hoping to spice up your resumé, 
living abroad for a little while may be just the right thing for you.
And hey, as you discover a new country, a new lifestyle, and a new culture, you might discover a lot about yourself. Start your journey today with our free, five-minute application. 

Great with kids? Then you can live  abroad

Our Mission Statement 
To help people experience other cultures
and broaden their perspectives 

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