Explore the rest of Oceania

With incredible sights both in the city and the wild, there is so much to see and do.

Spend a weekend in Auckland, Tasmania, Bangkok, Papua New Guinea, Jakarta, Singapore, Fiji, or New Caledonia — the options are endless!

All this — just $525

Program includes:

  • Free food

  • Private room

  • 2 days completely free

  • Training & travel tips

  • Network of friends

  • Support during your stay

  • International driver's permit


Program does not include:

  • Flight to your host family

  • Travel & liability insurance ($35/month)

  • Visa cost ($315)

A solid experience of growth

"I loved how safe I felt knowing that I could always call Rome Abroad if something went south!


My host family was an outstanding host. They always accommodated my celiac disease whether it was going out to a restaurant or going to a friend's BBQ — I always had options! They included me with all of their weekend plans and big trips.


I feel like it was a solid experience of growth and a test of patience, I wouldn’t change anything."

— Kadi, Brisbane

Made living abroad feel easy & safe

"My favorite part was seeing Australia and getting paid for it!

My host family made me feel so much at home; they were so welcoming and kind and included me but also didn’t make me feel bad if I didn’t want to do what they were doing. I loved my host family so so much. 

Rome Abroad made living in another country feel easy and safe!"

— Megan, Wooloowin

Another home on this side of the world

"My host family was very sweet and accommodating. I lived in a beautiful area and I had the cutest kids ever.


I would recommend Rome Abroad because it’s a great way to see the world and to have a home away from home with a stable job and home.

My favorite part was getting to see this side of the world and all the friends I’ve made along the way."

— Taylor, Brisbane



Incredible beaches

Why do 80% of Australians live within 30 miles of the coast?


Because the beach is such a key part their famous laid-back lifestyle! You can enjoy the warm sands of the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and more.

Talk the talk

Don't worry about language barriers here!

You can read all the signs and menus without a problem. 

Plus that Aussie accent is nice!

Weekly earnings

Get paid $180 per week for 30 hours per week of being with the kids.

Quite a few families pay more than this and many also include completion bonuses.



OK to spend a bit more

Although the Australia program requires a bit more cash upfront,  you'll soon earn back your investment.

Ready to drive — on the other side!

Helping the kids get from place to place is very important for these host families.


You'll need to be comfortable driving children on the other side of the road. Being able to drive stick is a huge plus.

Available for a longer period

Three month stays are the minimum for Australia. Most families prefer longer stays.


Applicants willing to commit to 6 months will have more host family options.

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