Explore the rest of Asia

With treasures both ancient and modern, there is so much to see and do.

Spend a weekend in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Manila, or Taipei — the options are endless!

All this — just $425

Program includes:

  • Flight to your host family

  • Free meals

  • Private room

  • 2 days completely free

  • Training & travel tips

  • Network of friends

  • Support during your stay

  • Optional Mandarin classses

Trying new foods can be surprising!

"Food was definitely a big part of my experience, as it always is! I tried sauced and packaged mushrooms! My host sister loves it, so she wanted me to try it!


Last month she had me try sauced duck tongue though, so I am kinda used trying new wacky foods. Surprisingly, the sauced mushrooms were actually pretty good!"

— Samantha, Shanghai

Discover what the world has to offer

"My favorite part of the Rome Abroad program was living in another country, meeting people around the world, and learning a lot from children.

My host family was kind and respectful. I'd recommend the Rome Abroad program because it's a great opportunity to start discovering what the world has to offer and can mature you in many ways."

— Jordan, Hangzhou

The fanciest sushi I've ever had

"A weekend in China:

My host mom took her daughter and me out for sushi which is my favorite food. It was so amazingly delicious. I also tried sushi without the rice for the first time. The next day we went to the science museum. There were a bunch of kids running around playing with all of these science experiments. It was a lot of fun. After we went out for sushi again! Yay! It was seriously the fanciest sushi I’ve ever had. And to top it off the restaurant gave us free creme brûlée, which just so happens to be my favorite dessert. It was such a good weekend."

— Megan, Shenzhen



Chinese sights

Check out the Great Wall of China, the Terracotta Army in Xi'an, or spend time at a panda preserve.

The People's Republic of China has plenty of busy city life and incredible nature sights as well.

Length of stay

Take advantage of the high demand for native English speakers!

Plus, if you go for 3 months, you get one way of your flight paid for! 6 months? Round trip tickets!

Monthly earnings

Get paid $200 per month for 30 hours per week of being with the kids.

This kind of cash can go a long way in China!



Very adventurous

Asia will feel nothing like home, but you'll love it!

Learning cultural nuances, testing out Mandarin phrases, and trying new foods all sound like a great new adventure!

Open to new foods

You'll have plenty of staples like rice, vegetables, and meat. But you may also find yourself trying squid, duck, chicken feet, or other exotic dishes.

OK with a language barrier

If language barriers don't intimidate you, you're in the right place.

Google translate will be your best friend! Plus, you'll have the chance to learn Mandarin if you want to.

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