Explore the rest of Europe

One of the best benefits of living in Europe is that more travel is so affordable.

Spend a weekend in Paris, Berlin, London, Santorini, Zurich, Prague — the options are endless!

All this — just $525

Program includes:

  • Free food

  • Private room

  • 2 days completely free (usually Sat & Sun)

  • Training & travel tips

  • Network of friends

  • Support during your stay


Program does not include:

  • Flight to your host family

The push I needed to see the world

"My host family was an awesome family! Super caring, I can tell they really care for the girls they host! They were so kind and helpful to me!


My favorite part was being able to see new places and have different experiences. Once you’re here it is so easy to travel!


It was the push that I needed to get out and see the world like I had been wanting to do!"

— Mariah, Rome

The side of Italy tourists don't see

"From the moment I arrived, my host family was incredibly kind and welcoming. They would go out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and happy while living with them.


My favorite part of the Rome Abroad program was being able to experience Europe as someone who is living there.


While living with my host family I was lucky enough to submerge myself into the Italian culture. I was able to attend Italian family parties and dinner, live like the locals, and much more. I got to see a side of Italy that you don’t get to see as a tourist."

— Brandy, Ravenna

Helped me see how brave I am

"It’s a great experience. A great way to travel the world.


My favorite part of the Rome Abroad experience was hanging out with my host family. My least favorite part of the Rome Abroad experience was having to leave them.

I'd recommend the program because it is a very good learning experience — it helped me see how brave I am."

— Holland, La Morra



Italian beauty

Enjoy the best of

"the Beautiful Place." With mountains for skiing, beaches for playing, and a friendly culture, Bella Italia will leave you wanting to return again and again.

Length of stay

Take advantage of Italian flexibility! If you're going in the summer (May - August), go anytime from

4 to 12 weeks.

Want to go during the school year? 3-month stays are preferred.

Weekly earnings

Get paid $80 per week (€70) for 30 hours of being with the kids.

Some families require less hours, so you'll have more free time and slightly less weekly earnings.


Love food

If you like pasta, pizza, and fresh produce, prepare to have your taste buds blown away.

Plus you get to follow our program rule:

eat gelato every day. 

Italians know how to make simple things simply amazing.

Enjoy art & history

Italia is home to some of the greatest works in history.


You'll see breathtaking masterpieces and incredible architecture.

Like learning

If language barriers don't intimidate you, you're in the right place.

Although your host parents speak fluent English, you'll still run into language barriers. See them as an exciting learning opportunity.

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