Explore the rest of Europe

One of the best benefits of living in Europe is that more travel is so affordable.

Spend a weekend in Rome, Berlin, London, Santorini, Zurich, Prague — the options are endless!

All this — just $650

Program includes:

  • Free food

  • Private room

  • 2 days completely free (usually Sat & Sun)

  • Training & travel tips

  • Network of friends

  • Support during your stay


Program does not include:

  • Flight to your host family

Forever grateful for this experience

"It was so fun to sit around the quiet lake, talk, hang out and listen to music. I can’t believe I lived in France. Time has flown by. I’m forever grateful for this experience I’ve had!"

— Paige, Hossegor

Loved my friends, the beach, & family

"I loved meeting other au pairs. We all hit it off and went out a few nights together into the city. We went to a dance club and went out many nights after.

We also had a girls night and all of us made food from our own country and had dinner together.

I also spent lots of time at the beach. The heat isn’t bad in Biarritz and it makes the beach nicer.

My host family’s son and I really got along! If he didn’t see me in the morning, he would ask where I was and was really happy to see me in the afternoons."

— Gabrielle, Biarritz

So grateful for Rome Abroad's work

"Rome Abroad worked very hard for me and I’m so grateful."

— Kinsey, Annecy



Delicious food

Enjoy the foods the French are known for — cheese, baguettes, pastries, crepes, macaroons, and more.


Don't forget to try French wine.

French courses

Take advantage of improving your French level! Courses cost vary.

Sometimes being immersed isn't enough to become fluent and additional coursework can help.

Weekly earnings

Get paid $90 per week (€80) for 30 hours of being with the kids.

Some families pay more than this. So you may have slightly more weekly earnings.


Want to truly immerse

Do you want to stay in Europe longer than 3 months? France is your place.

You'll need to do additional paperwork and apply for a visa, and we'll help you along the way.

Are willing to drive

Many families in France require assistance in transporting their children.

Although car types vary, it's best if you can drive both automatic and manual.

Speak French

If you speak French, you are eligible for our France program.

Although your host parents will speak some English, French families believe hosting someone who speaks French and English is essential.


If you just want to see Paris, select our Italy program or Spain program and take a few weekends trips to France. The France program is for individuals who truly want to immerse themselves in French culture.


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